MBPs N. C. Pope

BSc in psychology, Diploma in Health and Social care,

Diploma in Journalism, mom of three, avid writer,

Founder of the Light Room and CamieRoseUK

Hello there, I'm Nekeisha Pope but do forget all that formality, you can call me Nicky. I'm a living testimony of how God can use the average person in extraordinary ways. I founded the Light room out of a call to use my challenges  to edify and build the faith of others and likewise provide a safe haven where others can do the same. God has entrusted me with this mantle, a task I appreciate would be difficult but one that I equally hold in the highest regard. I've encountered numerous challenges in my life from as early as I can remember, the places of desolation that life has taken me has truly been less than desirable. At the age of 12 I developed a an infection, this impacted my tolerance for food; consequently I began to struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. A few years later, I was told I would never survive a pregnancy due to a blood disorder; fast forward a year later the enemy was still in operation. I developed fibroids which caused heavy bleeding for about a month, I can truly say this was the closest the enemy came to taking my life. Adult hood has not been a walk in the park either; I have fought battles against anxiety and depression, rejection,  pain ; but with God I am still overcoming. Psalm 138: The Lord promised to perfect that which concerns me and he has indeed been with me through this initiation process. All my experiences have set precedence for what the Lord has called me to do and this is what the light room reflects.

I have been using the gifts the Lord has entrusted me to help others gain freedom and triumph over their own challenges and any areas in their lives which encouragement and healing is required. I like to think of the Light Room as a love letter to the Lord, be encouraged to share in this experience and share your stories to bless others. Come let us experience God together, let your heart and mind be awakened to the love and Glory of our heavenly Father..  

About Us

The light room reflects a place of inspiration, hope and rebirth. There is a light in all of us but sometimes we go through a lot of darkness which dims our light or even extinguish it altogether. Often to reconnect with life we need people to remind us that we are not alone; a familiar story  or the kind actions of a stranger may just remind us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here at the Light Room you will learn how to connect with God and proceed by faith. Learn how to tap into that next level of Faith where the revelation of God becomes more real to you.


Visit our shop and discover inspiring content which embodies practical examples of faith, encouragement and more. If you are looking for a supportive community then welcome! you have come to the right place; take a minute to explore our site, get in touch, leave a comment and don’t keep a good thing to yourself; share our page and your own experiences.

join Ministry kids and lets usher the little ones into the arms of our heavenly Father. Outreach and mentorship is a huge part of what we do here at the Light room, we demonstrate the message of the gospel in practical ways, why not join us in building the kingdom.



Our Aim

Our Ministry aims to take the message of the gospel to vulnerable groups in a practical way, on the streets, into homes to those rejected and down cast. 

Our Values
We teach love and the message of walking by faith, there are no judgements with respect to faith or denomination
At the Light Room we  endeavour for others to know Christ beyond religious constraints.
We look at the power of Gods' word to heal, restore and edify
We recognise Gods love as sovereign and universal, available and accessible to everyone.
We recognise challenges and want others to develop a positive attitude towards challenges.
We teach love and the power of prayer and testimonies to heal.