There is beauty in your pain.....

Perhaps you have listened to someone retell their life story of how their low point was actually the beginning of a high point in their lives. How they would like to thank a previous employer who actually fired them from a job. Because now looking back even though it was a painful time, that experienced actually propelled them on a new course which has resulted in their success, one they would not have taken had they still been employed at that company.

Sometimes we just need to dust ourselves off, recalculate and refocus, pain is not always a bad thing.  our one of a kind canvas reminds us of this.


Speciality: Designed in the UK


Brand: CamieRose


Product Dimension: 30x40cm


There is beauty in your pain canvas

  • Our Canvases are premium quality, printed on 300gsm polyester canvas material for durability and best colour. This canvas has a black background, with beautiful bold print, a white butterfly to represent beauty and teardrops representative of pain.This unique piece makes for a beautiful decor in any living space. The canvas comes embedded in a black wooden frame, which enables the art work to be used as a stand alone piece. All our canvases make perfect gifts for family and friends.

    The hanging hardware is also provided for wall preferences.