Don't expect a relationship to work when you're not working on it. You either build together or break together.......

The inspiration for this design is based on ones' desire to obtain positive outcomes from a relationship and the work that they are willing to put in as a result. Nothing comes easy and in relationships the same rules apply, what you sew in is what you take out. We desire for our art to encourage and act as a reminder when you come to those turbulent areas in your relationship. So be inspired to work to resolve problems.


Speciality: Designed in the UK


Brand: CamieRose


Product Dimension: 30x40cm


Work on your relationship canvas

  • Our Canvases are premium quality, printed on 300gsm polyester canvas material for durability and best colour. It has a black background with red and white prints. This particular canvas has a broken glass effect which highlights its' stunning features. The canvas comes embedded in a black wooden frame, which enables the art work to be used as a stand alone piece.

    The hanging hardware is also provided for wall preferences.