Two broken people cannot make a whole print...... encourages one to  find a partner that compliments every aspect of their being.  In relationships people are more productive when they are united on every human level, their purpose and direction have more clarity and they can achieve more.  


Speciality: Designed & Made in the UK


Brand: CamieRoseUk

Product Dimensions: A4 photo frames measuring 297 x 210 mm. Text are printed on high quality paper 300gsm for best print.




Find your better half picture frame

Selection type
  • All CamieRose A4 motivational frames are outsourced, beautiful black print on a white background, decorated with red artificial petals  that are removable if desired.   

    It comes with a metal hanger attached at the back and a strut which allows for both freestanding and wall hanging display if desired. Both landscape and portrait are possible but all prints have been completed to portrait view.

    MATERIALS - This product has a high quality clear acrylic perspex front and black MDF wood frame with a sturdy MDF backboard and strut.