When life throws you challenges, work with them to create a masterpiece..... the message is to persevere in the midst of challenges, when we go through the storm its often very easy to give up but sometimes if you step back and look introspectively at the situation, you may just be surprised that you could create something beautiful from it. Many authors have written books drawing from their personal challenges, thats just one example of using your challenges in apositive way.


Speciality: Designed in the UK


Brand: CamieRose


Product Dimension: 30x40cm


Work with your challenges canvas

  • Our Canvases are premium quality, printed on 300gsm polyester canvas material for durability and best colour. This particular canvas has a black background, music is beautiful, the instrument is therefore representative of that beautiful thing which can emerge from achallenge. The canvas comes embedded in a black wooden frame, which enables the art work to be used as a stand alone piece.

    The hanging hardware is also provided for wall preferences.