The world is your canvas, create your own unique picture.......

When Life presents you with oppurtunities, you make the best use of them, but not only this, you must also seek to apply your own uniqueness. There is no fun trying to be like anyone else when you can touch the world in your own beautiful way.


Speciality: Designed in the UK


Brand: CamieRose


Product Dimension: 30x40cm


Your world is a canvas picture

  • Our Canvases are premium quality, printed on 300gsm polyester canvas material for durability and best colour. This canvas has a black background, it shows a fish emerging from very shallow crystal blue water. The brush  represents the person as  an artist  in the picture. You can paint your world to be anything that is unique to you. This very unique piece makes for a beautiful decor in any living space. The canvas comes embedded in a black wooden frame, which enables the art work to be used as a stand alone piece.

    The hanging hardware is also provided for wall preferences.