Everyone is someones' Angel, whose Angel would you be.......

At CamieRose we don't just make canvases, we create art that portrays emotion and this canvas is no exception. A reminder of how much better the world works when we extend kindness to each other, everyday is a new day, it brings new oppurtunities for everyone to show kindness. We don't need wings and halos' to do this.


Speciality: Designed in the UK


Brand: CamieRose


Product Dimension: 30x40cm


Angel canvas

  • Our Canvases are premium quality, printed on 300gsm polyester canvas material for durability and best colour. This particular canvas has a black background and beautiful white angelic feathers , the black and white print creates a stunning look. The canvas comes embedded in a black wooden frame, which enables the art work to be used as a stand alone piece.

    The hanging hardware is also provided for wall preferences.