The Job of this time

I reflect on the story of Job a lot as I go through my own difficulties in life. One of the most obvious lesson associated with Job is one of faith. It remains one of the best practical examples of faith throughout the Bible. If you are un-familiar with the story, check out the book of Job. The Bible demonstrates how Job triumph in the midst of his trials and not once did he curse God, instead he maintained his integrity through his suffering.

The lesson that we do miss is that no matter who we are Christians or non Christians alike. We all come under submission by the grace and mercy of God and the extent to which he makes these available to us. As we see with Job God removed his hedge of protection from around him and allowed the devil to have his way. Job was not sinful, in fact the Bible defines him as one who was perfect, upright and had the fear of God in him.

Are you a Job of this time?

How do you respond in the midst of trials? Let us know