John the disciple of Jesus, would he have been labelled a mad man today

I can't help but wonder had he lived within our time writing the book of revelation, if he would have been given some pills and locked up some where for rehabilitation. Thank God that it is not so, subsequently we get to see Gods' heart for his people through the wonderful book of revelation.

I am very guilty of studying this book over and over, its very exciting. Beginning with the message to the seven churches. Though the messages were sent to actual churches existing within the era beginning AD30-70 I believe there are many parallels in Gods prophetic word that not only applies to those churches but translates to the state of Christianity today.

We encounter 7 churches in revelation, Church of Ephesus, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

Characteristics of the Churches

Ephesus- This church was recognised for their work in recognising false teachers however they neglected God in the process, subsequently they were called to repent.

Smyrna- Admired for the way they endured persecution and poverty, despite that the Lord called them rich because they remained steadfast in their faithfulness to him.

Pergamos- The compromising church they showed some faithfulness to God but at the same time they were rebuked for idolatry and accepting a pagan doctrine

Thyatira- The corrupt church, that claims to be above Gods law misleading the people of God.

Sardis - This church was dying, they had a form of godliness in them but they lacked the power of the Holy spirit

Philadelphia- The faithful church, the church was not large, they had little resources but was dedicated in their works to God.

Laodicea- The Luke warm church, they were neither hot or cold. God called for them to be tried in fire in order to be purified. This church was not taking a stand against sin, their focus was very wrong.

As we look around today, we see many of the characteristics of these churches in the body of Christ. The great movement of many mega churches compromising the word of God in order to increase in numbers, in order to fill their pockets, while the poor suffer. The church is now a place of entertainment and fun, rather that true worship to God. Some ministers no longer preach about the consequences of sin. people rather be confined to their TV programmes rather than spend some time seeking God. In a way I see so many comparisons to the church of Laodicea, how has it grown so complacent. This was the church that God promise to spue out of his mouth because her actions were so disgusting to him.

Where do you see this generation in light of the characteristics of these 7 churches?