Who We are

Ministry Kids is an extension of the Light room. Children are a very valuable part of Gods' kingdom, throughout the Bible children are seen as a blessing and a gift from the Heavenly Father. Matthew 19 records one of my favourite example of Gods' infinite love for children. But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Many more example of this love is portrayed throughout the Bible, whether through interaction or healings, ( john 4:46-52, Luke 8:40-56). Children are  seen as examples of the type of un-assuming faith and humility we should possess as adults Mark 10:15.

At Ministry Kids our mission is for children to know the love of Christ. We are passionate about seeing God move through the lives of children and their familiies. We desire to empower children to be leaders , walking in the fear and admonition of God.  At Ministry Kids Christ becomes more real through Bible stories, pray time and practical demonstration of love, at home or in their communities.

Teaching children to pray is a significant part of introducing them to the heavenly Father and developing a relationship with him. Prayer time is one of the ways we communicate with Christ and teaching children to pray helps them to understand that God is always near. At Ministry kids we encourage prayer time, to help overcome challenges, for peace, for friends, family, forgiveness and gratitude.

The word gives us a true picture of the nature and character of God, from genesis to revelation. For children to know Gods' desire for them, it is important to develop a relationship with the heavenly Father, usher them into his presence that they may always seek him. 

Our Kids, our responsibility. If you want to be part of our transformative ministry start by getting in touch with us, use the form on the contact page to express your interest to become a Ministry Kid (MK). Engage with our Bible school materials, send us your Little bit of heaven, these can include videos, stories ,  random acts of kindness features or even Art work. let us know how you are building the Kingdom. As parents the Lord has entrusted us with his handy work, the greatest gift we can give our children is to learn to walk in the fear and admonition of God.