How you can help

There are a number of ways you can get involved!

 Why not take the first step in making a difference!

 Your journey to inspiration can begin here.

Start by :volunteering

Contribute to building the Light Room, why not! submit your inspirational testimonies and quotes to be featured on the website.

How it works - use the form on the contact page to register your interest, fill out all the contact details, leave a short message to let us know how you want to help out.

Contacting You - We will be in touch, no later than 3 working days to offer further guidance on the process.

Submitting Must reads- These must be in form of testimonies or uplifting stories; not exceeding 3000 words, they must keep in tone with the voice of the Light room and the message it conveys; (i.e.) faith, love and encouragement.

Submitting Inspirational Quotes- Quotations submitted must also reflect the general tone of the Light Room, they can be on a wide range of subject,however the message of encouragement must not be lost. Our current categories are, inspiration, motivation and relationship.