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Nekeisha spent her childhood in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, like most individual her life up until today has been met with numerous amount of challenges. Perhaps one of her greatest occurred at the age of 16, at that tender age she was told she will never be able to have children naturally; however in 2011 she give birth to her first daughter and her second in 2016.  Nekeisha believes in Gods' power to heal any situation.

Her own experiences has served a great purpose in growing her faith and her trust in God. Nekeisha now uses her experiences to encourage and build the faith of others who are struggling on their life path; she affirms that there is a blessing in every challenge, "if we allow ourselves to respond with faith then we would experience our break through in ways that we never thought imaginable". 

She would mentor you through the process of growing in your faith, applying the principles she used in her own life, through Gods' direction.

Why Mentor


Perhaps the best place to start with answering the above question  is to look at Titus 2:3, it paints a very good picture of how older women in particular should encourage and train younger women in modelling positive behaviour. It however doesn't just end there; Colossians 3:16 tells us to teach and admonish one another in all wisdom. So here we see; mentoring is not just a new phenomena emerging within our modern societies, it has always been a part of Gods' plan to bring his people together. Jesus himself invited twelve ordinary men to follow him, they learnt from his teachings and interaction with others, these men have emerged from blue collar jobs to becoming the greatest mentors to a preceding generation.

Mentoring assures an individual that they are not alone in their challenges, it provides a framework for teaching and modelling values; a lot of times people can feel defeated by the world, you begin to think that nothing is ever going right. Sometimes it is so easy to get stuck in this mind set; take it from someone who has been there! However, if you can cultivate that little measure of Faith, you can begin to shift to an atmosphere that is focused on hope in God. I know; easier said than done! but look at it this way, usually the most effective medicine is the one that is quite difficult to swallow; and so it is with Faith but when you get there you would discover something truly beautiful.



The Mentorship Through Faith Programme would help you along that journey, we use a five step to Faith approach which would be specially tailored  to each persons needs. Like everything else there is worked involved, the success of the programme is largely dependant on your commitment to doing this work, this could range from a work sheet, short assignments or practical work with your Mentor. The programme is expected to last for 4 weeks with follow up sessions after the programme concludes. The subject areas we look at includes; but are not limited to: Anxiety & depression, relationships, Dealing with rejection/pain, etc. 

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