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How It Works

Once prayer request are received you would be assigned a person to pray for. Details of the persons name and contact information would be shared for this purpose. You would be encourage to get in touch with the individual at the earliest and most convenient date. You can then work out how, when and the length of time you would spend in prayer.

Don't worry if you are a novice at prayer, we would ensure you have the tools you need to build your prayer life with the simple but effective one month guide: adapted from and credited to Powerful Prayers in the war room by Daniel B. Lancaster. Free to download, please double click on the PDF icon below.


Do you have a moment to spare?

At the Light room we recognise prayer as an important aspect in walking with God.  It is how we communicate with our heavenly Father, It is how we receive assurance. Prayer enables us to grow in Faith, which is one of the fundamental objectives of the Light Room.

The Lord encourages us to pray for one another, so if you would like to encourage someone through prayer then why not join our team. Can you offer someone a few minutes of your time?

You really don't need to be a prayer scholar, just a sincere heart to communicate with the Lord on someone's' behalf.


Joining the Prayer Team


You would be  required to fill out a questionnaire and sign a personal statement affirming belief in the Lord Jesus and a desire to carry on his work  in the community.

You can apply by using the sign up form under the contact page. Your request would be processed within 3 working days. We would then email you the statement of affirmation and questionnaire to be filled out and returned within 7 working days. Further communication would be given after